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Events and Special Issues (CFPs)

I have been involved as the co-organizer of the following workshops:

  • Bridging the gap between Logic and NLP-based Approaches for Automating Regulatory Compliance. The event addressed essential issues within regulatory compliance. The objective of our event were to bridge the gap between the logic and NLP-based approaches for automating legal compliance and discuss: The strengths and limitations of both logic and NLP-based approaches for legal compliance, how these approaches can complement each other, and the future directions of research for automating legal compliance with AI. More information about the event here.

I am involved as the special guest editor for the following call for papers (CFP):

  • Knowledge Management for Law, Computer Law & Security Review Journal. Deadline: 5 December 2022. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Knowledge Modeling (KM) and Information Extraction (IE) methods are increasingly important for legal informatics. There is an increasing number of research works on the limits and unexplored opportunities offered by AI for the representation and extraction of knowledge in the legal domain. Typical research goals may include: classification of legal sources, legal design (including legal ontologies), similarity among legal sources and clustering, prediction and support in decision-making processes, legal interpretation support, outlining the evolution of legal concepts and definitions over time, information extraction and classification, detection of linguistic phenomena and patterns in legal sources, multilingual alignments of concepts on domestic and international legal sources, identifying legal references and network analysis, analogical reasoning and compliance checking.


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