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Current PhD Thesis Students:

  1. Ashton East, "The Use of Machine Learning Technologies for Compiling Evidence of Opinio Juris in Customary International Law . Maastricht University. Co-supervised by Prof. Liesbeth Lijnzaad

  2. Hellen van der Kroef, "Multilingual Legal Automation to assist EU Law-Making and Compliance". Law  & Tech Lab, Maastricht University. Co-supervised by Prof. Gijs van Dijck and Dr. Daniel On.  (September 2021 - Present)

  3. Jiahong Que, "Automated Identification of Biased and Non-Inclusive Language with Context-Aware  Algorithms". Institute of Data Science, Maastricht University. Co-supervised by Prof. Michel  Dumontier. (November 2022 -Present

Graduated Master Thesis Students:

  1. Ivo Wings, "A Context-Aware Approach for Extracting Hard and Soft Skills". August 2021

  2. Marcel Naudé, "A Machine Learning Approach to Detecting Fraudulent Job Types". August 2021

  3. Richard Frissen, "A Machine Learning Approach to Recognize Bias and Discrimination in Job Advertisements". August 2021

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